IRS Contents Restoration

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Contents Restoration Features and Benefits
IRS Contents Restoration provides the highest quality contents restoration services. Please view some of our most popular services below:
Climate controlled facility Prevents damage from heat, cold, and water We guarantee the preservation of the items we store
Large, portable Ultrasonic machine Improves salvage ability, even for small items of sentimental value and enables shorter turnaround cycles We restore items others won't even attempt, both large and small. And if we can't do it, you don't pay
Industrial strength dishwasher Cleans kitchenware both faster AND more thoroughly We wash in bulk to save labor costs and improve quality
Negative air pressure/deodorization chambers Disinfects both faster AND more thoroughly to ensure the break down of carbon odor causing molecules We believe in giving each job the individualized attention it deserves
20,000-square-foot, modular storage facility Requires less handling Enables a pinpoint tracking system Reduces labor costs for insurance companies Provides ample storage capacity even at peak demand We label and store all items in our 8'x 7' x 6' crates to provide secure and efficient handling
24' x 27' custom-engineered trucks Bringing crates directly into the field enables rapid loading and unloading of contents and reduces labor & handling costs We invested in specially-designed vehicles because we strive to optimize every aspect of our business - from the site to our plant and back.
Six full-service cleaning stations Staging area for delicate, mementos. Fully equipped for detailed restoration. We take pride in being able to restore your most prized possessions.
Modern seminar room with connecting kitchen Training staff & insurance adjusters on the ever-changing science of the industry. We are not only committed to keeping up with the industry's best practices ­but to refining them